Becky Lynch discusses Cris Cyborg joining WWE

Becky Lynch was recently interviewed by Chad Dukes on 106.7 The Fan. There, she discussed the possibility of Cris Cyborg joining WWE. Cyborg is one of the toughest women in MMA history. These last few years, she has been teasing a transition to professional wrestling.

Most recently, Cyborg called out Lynch on her Twitter account with a photoshopped image of herself holding up the Money in the Bank briefcase. Ever since WWE signed Ronda Rousey, several athletes have considered dipping their toes into professional wrestling.

Whether or not Cyborg eventually does make the transition is unknown. However, Becky Lynch is open to her joining. That is, if Cyborg’s willing to put in the work without expecting to be handed opportunities because of her name. Lynch had this to say in her recent interview about Cyborg.

“Cris Cyborg, again, another very talented professional in her field, in her field,” Lynch told Dukes. “Look, if anybody loves it, if anybody’s gonna obsess about this, if anybody’s gonna put in the work, then do it. But you can’t just come from another field and expect to be handed everything. Ronda was, but then we showed her the door quite quickly a year later.

So yeah, if Cris Cyborg wants to work, if she wants to get training, if she wants to pay her dues, then by all means,” she said. “But if she thinks that she can step from an MMA world into my world, well then that’s a whole different kettle of fish. No less than if I just went into her field without any proper training in that field. This is a different sport and this is a different grind that not everybody is able (to do).”

What Becky says pretty much sums up how some fans and even wrestlers seem to feel. Many think that Rousey came in and was handed both the belt and the main event spotlight. She may have been brought in for mainstream media coverage, but she did train. She learned the art of professional wrestling as best as she could in the time frame she had before making her debut.

Do you want Cris Cyborg to join the ranks of WWE? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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