Tessa Blanchard should be in “Best in the World” Conversations

The title of “Best in the World” gets thrown around in conversations with wrestling fans, all of the time. The same names always appear: Kazuchika Okada, Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, Kenny Omega. However, one name that is consistently missing from the conversation, and shouldn’t be, is Tessa Blanchard.

Jordynne Grace and Blanchard herself have said that the best wrestler in the world is Tessa Blanchard, and there’s actually evidence that backs up this claim.

In her recent match with Gail Kim, Blanchard proved herself the total package. Blanchard nailed a run-up codebreaker to Kim, and during finish of the match, Blanchard delivered a jaw-dropping gorilla press to set up the Magnum. The outstanding display in this match proves that athletically, Blanchard is among the best in the world.

Tessa Blanchard gives fans everything they could want from a wrestler. She is outstanding in ring, and her finisher, the Magnum, is one of the most athletic finishers in all of wrestling. Every person that steps in the ring with her walks out looking like a better performer than they had before. At the young age of 23-years-old, one would have to assume that she can only get better.

Now, let’s talk about the “it factor” that Blanchard has. Her look screams superstar, with one of the most unique looks and “feels” in wrestling. Her ring gear is always on point. Even during non-wrestling segments, she approaches the ring dressed like an absolute star. She is a diamond, after all, and diamonds are forever classy and elegant.

Her ring gear at the match with Kim at Impact Rebellion provided a perfect example. The red ring gear, sunglasses, and her presence when she made her entrance demanded your respect and attention.

Most importantly, Blanchard is one of the best mic workers that nobody is talking about. Tessa delivers believable lines with conviction. Her bratty heel work that led to her suspension from Impact during her feud with Gail Kim was tremendous.

All of these factors add up to “best in the world material.” Tessa is tremendous in ring, her gimmick is outstanding, and she has the look of a star.

This is a call to action. Let’s start throwing Tessa Blanchard’s name around in the “best in the world” conversations. She has proven that she deserves that kind of respect.

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