NXT: In the Age of Horsewomen, Shayna Baszler will shape the future

If NXT is the future of WWE, then Shayna Baszler is the future of the Four Horsewomen.

It is an interesting quirk of fate that there are currently nine women who could be labeled members of the Four Horsewomen. Five of them are on the WWE main roster, though two are currently on hiatus. One is representing Impact Wrestling and three are developing well in NXT, with a view to changing the landscape upon their arrival.

Between them, these women are dominating the field across every promotion. Women’s wrestling outside of them simply does not achieve the same prominence, the same level of crowd satisfaction. Certainly not as of yet anyway.

Thankfully, this doesn’t seem like a long term issue for the non-McMahon led feds. Tessa Blanchard might be the horsewoman of Impact but she is far from alone at the top of a very strong women’s division boasting names such as Rosemary and Su Yung. Meanwhile, All Elite Wrestling’s top table features Brandi Rhodes, Ally and Doctor Britt Baker. The likes of Charlotte Flair, Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch might finally have some competition just around the corner.

Their biggest competition however, could well be coming from their own developmental chapter in the form of Shayna Baszler.

While Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair were feuding for months in front of enthralled crowds of thousands, Shayna Baszler was honing her craft and biding her time. When Ronda Rousey was travelling all around the world, growing tired with the intrusive nature of some of the less calm WWE Universe, Shayna Baszler was dominating the field two steps behind her. While Boss & Hug made history as the first women’s tag team champions, Baszler defied the odds and held on to her title despite the strongest challengers available.

They say that pressure makes diamonds. Sometimes the lack of pressure creates something even better.

“Being confident in what you’re doing, I think the crowd reads confidence more. I think just realizing that has catapulted me.” – Baszler

Since the first day that she arrived during the inaugural Mae Young Classic, the Queen of Spades exuded confidence. The power is terrifying.

That’s what you get though; a predator. The type of hunter that hasn’t been seen since Randy Orton first broke into all of our hearts by smashing through Mick Foley. There is nothing like her in women’s wrestling.

Right now, through either fate or chance, there is a rather large gap at the top of the Raw women’s division. While Becky Lynch is technically at the top, her position straddling both rosters means that she’s difficult to classify as a Raw talent. Alexa Bliss and Natalya are certainly up there, with numerous championships and big money matches between them over the years. Where are the heels though?

Alexa Bliss is technically still a heel, but the interest of the fans in booing her continues to wane with every passing days it seems. Her Money In The Bank win last year and subsequent cash-in were very happily greeted in arenas, despite not being the most popular moves on Twitter.

Lacey Evans is brand new and can unquestionably only be classified as a work-in-progress at this time. Her feud with Lynch could see her star made, but it would be hard to put her as the top heel for long.

Nia Jax, the actual top heel in the absence of Ronda Rousey, is out with a major injury that will keep her on the sidelines for a long time. Tamina, Jax’s tag team partner, lacks faith from the fans and management to be at that level.

The only other person who could feasibly be a top level heel would be Sasha Banks. Banks is currently on hiatus for an undetermined amount of time. Hopefully we get to see her back soon as Banks has immeasurable talent and charisma but, as of this time, she is not in that women’s division.

This all leaves one almighty opportunity for an NXT heel to step up into that gap and take over. Why not a hunter? A predator? A destroyer? Why not a horsewoman like Shayna Baszler?

“Listen, I’m the most dominant woman that this division has ever seen. The only two-time defending champion. Ask me more about that and we can do these interviews.” – Baszler, NXT

If you’re a Monday Night Raw fan, now might be the time to keep a weather eye on the horizon. Chances will come for a while to those who may not have had many in the past but there may be a cavalry ready to ride very soon.

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