WWE Women’s Evolution is deterred by lack of on-air presence

The Women’s Evolution in the WWE lost momentum after the main event of WrestleMania 35.

The May 6 edition of Monday Night Raw had a total of seven matches. Of these matches, one contained women. The total run time of these matches was 58 minutes and 59 seconds.

Lacey Evan’s match lasted 40 seconds. The match made up less than two percent of the total in-ring action of Monday Night Raw. The total segment, including entrances and post-match, is in the video below. It ran for 7 minutes and 11 seconds.

SmackDown Live this week didn’t make things better. The only women’s match for that show this week was Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville vs. Carmella and Ember Moon. The segment is in the video below with a run-time of 3 minutes and 11 seconds.

Despite the evolution of women’s in-ring work, WWE is holding the division back. If this past Monday was an anomaly, we could ignore this, but short women’s segments happen more often than not. Two percent is an unacceptable percentage of in-ring display for a division that main evented WrestleMania.

In keeping the women off the screen, the WWE is preventing fans from investing. If a viewer doesn’t see Lacey Evans for long, how can they be expected to invest in her character? If Evans only gets 40 seconds of ring time, how can a fan enjoy her work?

The writing and production team are not providing an opportunity for viewers to learn and love the women’s roster. This treatment has made what seemed like a momentous occasion feel almost like an afterthought. Society doesn’t have long-term memory and WWE really needs to build on this momentum.

Women receiving this little airtime makes it difficult to see them as equal to the men. Wasn’t the whole point of the Women’s Evolution to elevate the roster? This kind of treatment makes thoughts like Baszler being the future of the WWE difficult to comprehend. WWE isn’t giving an opportunity to the women to prove they can carry the brand.

If the company wants women’s wrestling to continue to involve, they must provide viewers with more. Give the fans more segments, more in-ring matches, and more utilization of the roster. WWE must do this, or the Women’s Evolution is in danger of stalling out.

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