Nina Samuels has what it takes to be NXT UK’s top heel

NXT UK has been something of a sleeper hit on the WWE Network ever since arriving last Fall. The British and yellow brand continues to slowly gain an audience whilst housing some of the best talent that the WWE banner has to offer. One of those talents happens to be Nina Samuels.

Nina Samuels has quietly been on the receiving end of a push overseas. She’s been racking up win after win for months on NXT UK whilst cutting captivating promos. Such a winning streak was bound to put her on a collision course with UK Women’s Champion, Toni Storm. As of this past episode, that’s exactly what happened.

In a post-match interview, Samuels subtly called out the champ by accusing her of “abandoning her single mother … [and] her baby little sister.” The scathing barbs over the mic were delivered with such biting cadence and unapologetic moxie that Samuels showed the makings of a star. In fact, one can argue that Samuels has enough tools in her arsenal to be dubbed a Superstar already.

As far as character work is concerned, Nina Samuels shines better than most members of the NXT UK roster; male or female. She’s one of the few WWE Superstars under the banner right now who both has a clear character and a clear understanding of that character. She has a presence to her – an aura, if you will – that simultaneously emanates a confident swagger that spellbinds the room. It’s a commanding presence that is best suited for the top heel of any brand.

If WWE wanted to give the ball to her, Nina Samuels could effortless be booked to be the top heel of NXT UK. Not just their women’s division, but the entire brand itself.

After all, she has plenty of experience in the top heel category. 2018 and 2019 has seen Samuels hold that spot for Pro-Wrestling EVE. Her most heated moments have seen her cash-in her Wild Card Case for a title opportunity at SHE-1 and most recently, she defeated Kris Wolf in her final night as a wrestler at We’re All Gonna Die! These moments earned Samuels some of the loudest boos in the promotion’s history.

Clearly, Nina Samuels knows how to touch a nerve or two and we’re bound to see how on the Network as her blossoming feud with Toni Storm takes center stage.
If anything, this program has enough in the tank to run for months, rather than another short title feud for Storm.

Whether Samuels comes out of the feud with the title or not doesn’t matter. What matters is that the feud gives Samuels a platform to showcase the best of her abilities as a villain; both on the mic and in the ring. That could come in handy for the future of NXT UK and if she ever were to get the main roster call up.

There’s something understated about Nina Samuels’s heel work; both in WWE and outside of it. It’s genuinely odd that she’s not in more “best heels in wrestling” conversations or why the best of her work continues to go unrecognized.

It’s time that more people shed a beacon on her as a worker now that she herself is the shining beacon that helps NXT UK shine.

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