Bayley cashes in Money in the Bank briefcase to become SmackDown Champ

Earlier tonight, Bayley was able to overcome seven other women to snag the women’s Money in the Bank briefcase. In the same night, Bayley cashes the briefcase in to become SmackDown Women’s Champion.

Becky Two Belts had to defend both titles tonight: the Raw belt against Lacey Evans, and the SmackDown belt against Charlotte Flair.

Lynch first faced Evans, and though Evans clearly put heavy emphasis on Lynch’s already-injured left arm, The Man was able to reverse a roll-up into her signature Dis-Arm-Her submission move, retaining the Raw title after Evans tapped out.

Lynch proceeded to take her victory walk up the ramp, but was stopped by Flair, who entered the ring with big grin, knowing Lynch would find it hard to find back immediately after a very physical match. The heavy emphasis placed on Lynch’s arm suddenly seemed like a very plausible move in collusion.

Flair delivered chop after chop, and blow after blow, but was able to finally knock Lynch over with a boot, with a little help from interference from Evans and her Women’s Right.

Flair took proper advantage of the distraction, and won the SmackDown Women’s Championship, getting Lynch in a pinfall.

Evans and Flair teamed up to deliver a special message to Lynch, in the form of fists and feet.

The crowd started chanting for Bayley, and the hugger is not known to disappoint. Bayley came flying down the ramp to Lynch’s rescue.

Bayley managed to ram Flair head first into the turnbuckle, temporarily knocking Flair out. As we all had hoped, it was clear Bayley had finally found her moment.

Bayley dragged Flair away from the corner, and hit Flair with an elbow from the top rope, getting the pinfall on The Queen, and quickly ending her ninth reign.

The crowd was on fire during the entire exchange, and if there was any doubt that Bayley is still very much loved by the WWE Universe, this moment erased it all.

That will teach Flair to turn on her Four Horsewomen. Bell To Belles is excited to see what Bayley can do with her new belt.

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