Bayley overcomes Fire & Desire to win Money in the Bank briefcase

In what was a fun, high-paced ladder match featuring several viable candidates to claim the coveted Money in the Bank briefcase, it was former RAW Women’s Champion Bayley who secured the valuable Halliburton in the eponymous ladder match.

The bout itself featured the usual concoction of frightening spots (e.g. Dana Brooke dangling in the air like Jeff Hardy at WrestleMania X-Seven) and high-risk moves. We even saw WWE dust off the “wrestler goes to back with an injury only to return right when the person injured them is going for the title/briefcase” trope with Carmella.

But once everyone got their stuff in, it was time for WWE to rile up the audience by teasing a terrible finish. As Carmella limped her way up the ladder, Sonya Deville — who stood at ringside for most of the match — yanked the first women’s Money in the Bank winner off the ladder and nearly cut her in half with a spear.

Just as it looked like Deville would literally carry her tag team partner, Mandy Rose, to victory, Bayley sprinted up the other end of the construction tool and, after giving Rose and Deville her best “You know you done f’d up, right?” stare, shoved both women to the canvas and unhooked the briefcase to earn a future title match anytime over the next year.

For Bayley, who has suffered many, many creative missteps since getting called up in 2016, this win helped restore some of that lost luster in the eyes of the fans. Now, it remains to be seen when she decides to cash-in, and who she elects to cash-in on.

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