Jordynne Grace reveals details on deal with Impact Wrestling

Yesterday, we wrote that free agent Jordynne Grace finally inked a deal with Impact Wrestling. Sean Ross Sapp from Fightful spoke to Grace exclusively and got more details about the contract. The contract is a two-year deal with the company keeping her with Impact until May of 2021.

Grace told Sapp that she was in talks with many companies including ROH, NWA, All Elite Wrestling and WWE.

“I had contact with each of those companies, and had many options and offers in front of me. At the end of the day, Impact is where I wanted to be. I was ready to make a difficult decision if needed, but I was sincerely hoping everything would work out in the end!

There were many factors that came to play that ultimately led Grace to choose Impact. She was looking to make pro wrestling her full-time job, and Impact’s financial offer was just what Grace needed to make that transition.

She also said has made great friends in the company and can’t say enough wonderful things about Impact, including its upper management.

“I cannot stress this enough. I love Impact, no company is flawless, of course, and I think anywhere I went, there would have been some sort of problem. No company is truly without issue. Whether it’s not enough exposure, not enough money, not being used properly, not being used enough… I’m sure I would have gripes with ANY company. Impact is a company I truly believe in, and they’re doing their best. I have amazing friends there, and I have a blast backstage.”

It is noteworthy to hear her say such positive things about the company. In the past week, Impact had two requests for release. Killer Kross and Scarlett Bordeaux both requested their release, per PW Insider, citing unhappiness with the company.

Professional wrestling is no different than any other profession: what makes some people happy doesn’t necessary work for the next person.

Bell to Belles congratulates Jordynne Grace on her new contract, and we look forward to seeing her weekly on Impact television.

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