Bianca Belair vs Mia Yim has quietly been NXT’s best feud

Whether you love the current state of its programming or hate it, NXT has been presenting plenty of intriguing angles lately. Particularly those heading into NXT TakeOver: XXV. The NXT Women’s Title feud between champion Shayna Baszler and challenger Io Shirai continues to heat up. Adam Cole challenges Johnny Gargano for the NXT Championship, all while Undisputed Era continues to dissipate before our eyes. Then, of course, the tag team scene is a frenzy with their Tag Titles now vacated.

However, beneath all of the chaos lies a rivalry that continues to heat up with each passing week despite not focusing on a championship. That rivalry is between Mia Yim and Bianca Belair, which has quietly managed to be the best feud on the NXT TV as of late.

The feud began back in November three weeks after Mia Yim’s NXT debut. After the two traded insults both on NXT and on social media, things came to a head on the Nov. 14 episode of NXT for a match. Yim gave The EST of NXT a run for her money as Bianca Belair’s biggest threat to her undefeated streak yet. But as all of her matches ended back when she was un-de-fea-ted, this one ended with Belair’s hand raised.

Their rivalry charged back up in the past few weeks in the same way that it started – with trash talking. Most notably, they nearly came to blows at the Performance Center whilst jaw jacking. This led to another match on the May 8 episode of NXT. While she’s no longer quite un-de-fea-ted following a title feud with Baszler, the result remained the same with Belair getting her arm raised. This time, she beat Yim with a roll-up, albeit with her hair tied to the rope.

Now, The Blasian Baddie seems hellbent on proving that she can beat Bianca Belair. While Belair wants to move on to title aspirations, last Wednesday’s NXT saw Yim leave NXT GM William Regal’s asking for another rematch with Belair.

Not only has this rivalry consistently delivered entertaining matches and storytelling, it’s refreshingly simple. While other storylines in NXT currently remain either intricately complex or complicated, Yim vs. Belair is a little easier to digest. It’s a simple tale concerning two Superstars anxious to prove that they’re better than the other. It’s a tale as old as time and a tale that any new viewer can understand on a first watch.

Best of all, this match-up offers something that the main roster continues to struggle with: offer a women’s feud without a title attached to it. For some reason, main roster storylines struggle to craft storylines that don’t feature a title in the mix. As a result, many women on the main roster not in contention for titles have been M.I.A. from television. The yellow brand offers an exception to the rule featuring two tremendous athletes who remain a consistent highlight of NXT TV without needing a belt to fight for.

From the looks of it, this feud is only going to get better from here.

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