Awesome Kong makes appearance at Double or Nothing

Tonight, AEW aired their first pay-per-view event, Double or Nothing, and officially introduced their women’s division, with a surprise guest— Awesome Kong. Allie was on hand to provide commentary.

The first AEW women’s match got off to a hot start as Kylie Rae, Britt Baker, and Nyla Rose made their way down to the ring. Suddenly, Brandi Rhodes’ music hit. She took off her jacket and seemed to be getting ready to insert herself into the match.

Instead, she quipped, “When I said this match could be a great match, I 100% meant it. But I ran into a problem. I don’t want a great match; I want a match that is awesome.” Then she added the legend, Awesome Kong, to the match, making it a fatal four-way.

Rhodes accompanied Kong down to the ring as the other competitors looked on in disbelief. Straight away, Rose stared her down, before the others jumped in. However, Awesome Kong quickly dispatched all three of them.

All the women had a strong showing but Kylie Rae and Britt Baker stood out as the crowd favorites. Baker tried to execute a crossbody to the outside, but Kong snatched her out of mid-air. Then Rae pulled off a showstopping suicide dive to take them both out.

Later, Kong decimated the other three women with a super powerbomb/suplex. She looked to have the upper hand until she took two superkicks, forcing her off the apron. Then Rose savagely speared her into the ring steps, taking herself out in the process.

In the ring, Baker and Rae stood toe-to-toe and Kylie looked to have the match won. Until she walked into a devastating superkick. Afterward, Britt Baker quickly scooped her up and planted her with a Ushigoroshi to win the match.

There’s a lot to chew on after that match, but AEW planted the seeds for several stories for the months to come. In other news, the promotion confirmed Sadie Gibbs is their newest signee on the pre-show.

What did you think of the fatal four-way match? Drop a comment below and check back with Bell to Belles for more news.

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