“The Librarian” Leva Bates makes AEW TV debut at Double or Nothing

Prior to AEW Double or Nothing airing live on pay-per-view, the promotion was kind enough to offer viewers a free preview of their show with “The Buy In.” The pre-show did a lot to give us a glimpse for what was to come not only on the main show, but in the future of All Elite Wrestling. One thing that the pre-show gave us a taste of was of Leva Bates and her new “Librarian” character.

Some readers may recall that last month after All Elite Wrestling put out a casting call looking for someone to play a Librarian character, Cody had revealed on Twitter that the role had gone to Leva Bates. Only for mere minutes later, Matt Jackson tweeted that the role had gone to Peter Avalon. This put a lot of confusion in the air as to who truly was the “one and only” Librarian. Tonight, that confusion got cleared up. Well, sort of.

As it turns out, from the looks of it, there is no “one and only” Librarian. Both Leva Bates and Peter Avalon are The Librarian.

To see the segment yourself, check out the original livestream below and skip to 9:25, but if you would rather read all about it, here’s the by-the-by regarding The Buy In …

On The Buy In, in between the two pre-show matches, Kylie Rae was interviewed about how excited she was for her triple threat, which we later learned would become a four way match. Suddenly, Peter Avalon would enter frame to shush Rae whilst referring to himself as The Librarian. Moments later, Bates would enter frame herself to reveal herself as The Librarian. Both Librarians would enter a shush-off leading into our next match.

Clearly, there are still some things that need to be straightened out about this Librarian situation. If this segment was to set the stage for the future, then any and all developments regarding rights to The Librarian character is going to be quite entertaining in the coming months.

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