Report: Sasha Banks had meeting with Vince McMahon

According to the latest edition of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Sasha Banks met with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon on May 23 to discuss her future with the company. Dave Meltzer went on to say the meeting was positive, and Banks could return to WWE this summer.

Banks has been missing from action since WrestleMania 35 when she and Bayley dropped the Women’s Tag Team Championships to The IIconics. Rumors have been circulating whether or not Banks would return to WWE.

The Boss ‘N’ Connection lost the belts to the duo from Australia after only holding them for a painfully short tenure, which infuriated Banks. Shortly after WrestleMania, Meltzer reported that Sasha had asked for her release from the company citing frustrations with the decision for the team to lose the belts so quickly. They were under the impression they would have long run as the inaugural women’s tag team champions and clearly weren’t given that opportunity.

Opposing stories surfaced that stated after the loss at Metlife, Banks and Bayley had a ‘tantrum’ in the locker room. Peyton Royce and Billie Kay denied those rumors. Social media has been a buzz in the almost two months since Sasha has been gone. Many feel she is rightfully furious while others think she is acting like a ‘spoiled brat.’

Sasha Banks joins a long list of talent that has voiced their concerns and frustrations with the company asking for a release from their contracts. It is very rare that WWE grants said releases.

To many wrestlers and fans worldwide, getting signed to WWE is the epitome of success and THE place to work. For some this may be true, but for others like Jon Moxley and Banks, World Wrestling Entertainment isn’t all it is cracked up to be.

Only time will tell if Banks does in fact return to WWE and what place she would have on the card. She is an uber-talented wrestler, and it is in WWE’s best interest to mend the fences with Banks.

Should Sasha Banks return to WWE or just ride out of contract? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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