WWE confirms NXT UK women’s tryout attendees

Today, WWE confirmed they held an all women’s tryout at the WWE UK Performance Center in North London. The company brought in 18 women from the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, and Canada to take part in the three-day camp.

As we reported earlier this week, sources initially leaked information about the tryout on Monday, when they were originally scheduled to begin. The event was later moved back to Wednesday.

Some notable attendees on the list of women include:

Dublin native Karen Glennon, a seven-year veteran who is better known as Session Moth Martina, the inaugural OTT Women’s Champion. She is known for her raucous party girl gimmick. Glennon has also worked with EVE, PROGRESS, SHIMMER, and Stardom.

19-year-old Londoner Candy Floss, who has made appearances for NXT UK.  She began training at the age of 15.

Valkyrie, the current OTT Women’s Champion. She originally trained in Finn Balor’s hometown, Bray, in 2014. Then she traveled to England to study at various wrestling schools.

Australia’s “Python Powerhouse” Steph De Lander. She has a background in soccer and dance.

Jamie Hayter, from Southampton, England. The 5-foot-8 Hayter recently wrestled Piper Niven on NXT UK. She also toured with Stardom.

Philippine-born Gisele Mayordo, from Canada trained with Lance Storm. She wrestled in high school and was a competitive figure skater before transitioning to pro wrestling.

Former powerlifting champion Kaydell Joyce, better known as Debbie Keitel. She is another import from Over the Top Wrestling. She trained under the likes of England’s Marty Jones and Japan’s Emi Sakura.

Emma O’Sullivan, aka Raven Creed, from Cork, Ireland. Another former OTT Women’s Champion. She’s a black belt in karate.

Chloe Smyth, better known as Dani Luna, the current Celtic Crown Women’s Champion for Dragon Pro Wrestling.

Candy Floss should come as no surprise to fans who have been keeping up with NXT UK. She is young, talented, and popular in London. It’s more of a shock to see three of the six OTT Women’s Champions on the list. It would be interesting to see how their current characters transition to NXT UK

According to Bryan Rose of the Wrestling Observer, WWE plans to hold another round of tryouts in Shanghai next month.

What do you think? Drop a comment below and let us know who you would like to join NXT UK’s women’s division.

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