Here’s what went down at Pro Wrestling: EVE “She Rules”

Wrestle Queendom 2 is just around the corner and Pro Wrestling: EVE have switched into fifth gear as we count down the days to the biggest, most prestigious event in the EVE calendar. With no less than three live shows in the run up to Wrestle Queendom 2, the narrative developments are coming thick and fast and EVE’s finest are all jostling for a prime position on the card at Europe’s biggest women’s wrestling show.

Let’s see what went down at the “She Rules”, the first of these three massive pre-Queendom events:

Kasey is not about to let Jamie Hayter forget about her

Jamie Hayter def. Raven Creed

“We don’t hate her, Jamie Hayter.” “One sleeve, more fans.” Something has gone terribly awry in the Pro Wrestling: EVE camp because the long-reviled Jamie Hayter has suddenly become a fan favorite.

Having determined her the lesser of two evils in her match against Nina Samuels last month, the crowd was not yet ready to turn on Hayter, who took on a wild-eyed Raven Creed in the opening match. Fast and furious Creed (hailing, allegedly, from St. Anne’s Insane Asylum) put up a solid fight against Oedo Tai’s Hayter, who has gone from strength to strength since her stint in Japan and is fast becoming one of EVE’s must-see stars.

But in spite of her newly-beloved status, Hayter retains her well-honed vicious streak, and took Creed out with a curb stomp for the win.

Kasey def. Rebel Kinney

Kasey’s first EVE appearance since March was a swift reminder of just how vicious the Belfast brawler can be. Rebel Kinney is an up and coming star, already a fan favourite and with an assured future ahead of her.

Nonetheless, something about this match didn’t quite click. Both Kasey and Kinney are fine athletes, confident performers and accomplished in the ring, but at times the match felt a little disjointed, as though they weren’t quite on the same page. That’s not to say it wasn’t worth watching: Kinney’s easy banter and punishing shoulder strikes make for interesting bedfellows, while Kasey is an absolute force of nature.

Kinney fought valiantly, but Kasey was too much to overcome; a Shining Wizard almost took Kinney’s head clean off.

a wild Nina Samuels appears

Out next was Nina Samuels. It’s an absolute joy to see her slide right back into the brilliantly self-aggrandizing heel role she’s worked so hard to build at EVE and which NXT UK are mysteriously failing to capitalize on (yet).

Nina talked the requisite amount of trash, bigging up her defeat of Jamie Hayter at last month’s show, which earned her a spot in the EVE International Championship match at Wrestle Queendom 2.

That earned her the ire of Hayter, who came down to the ring to confront Samuels. She never got the chance to, though; Kasey followed swiftly afterwards and took Hayter out, demanding a place in the International Championship match. Official EVE match maker Rhia O’Reilly agreed – on the condition that Kasey defeated Jamie Hayter for the privilege. And just like that, we had a main event.

Mercedez Blaze def. Erin Angel

Wholesome EVE favorite Erin Angel faced off against Mercedez Blaze, whose heel game gets better and better every time I see her. I suspect Blaze is going to be one to watch over the coming years – her character work is confident and assured, and her ring skills are nothing to sniff at either.

This was a very well-executed battle of True Good versus True Evil, with Blaze brutalizing Angel at every opportunity, and Angel entreating the crowd to cheer her to victory, mounting a series of plucky comebacks. Angel almost took Blaze down with the Unprettier, but….! Who should sashay down to ringside but the Primark Princess herself?

Jinny successfully distracted Angel, allowing Blaze to secure the win. After the match, Jinny announced that she was tired of doing everything by herself – she and Mercedez Blaze would be a tag team going forward and you just know they’ve got their eyes on Tag Championship gold.

not Session Moth, but Session Goth

Roxxy and Laura DiMatteo def. Woke Queens (Valkyrie and Debbie Keitel)

The team of Laura DiMatteo and Roxxy (who must surely be known as Vegan Sausage Rolls going forward) took on the gloriously gobby Woke Queens, who briefly postponed the start of the match so that they could finish their Starbucks coffee.

This was enormous fun, with Woke Queens bringing the right mix of comedy and offense, and DiMatteo and Roxxy bringing the skill and courage. The Queens had Roxxy isolated for much of the match, but her pluck and endurance saw her make the hot tag at long last to a fired-up Laura DiMatteo. Despite the Woke Queens’ obvious cohesion as a unit, Roxxy and DiMatteo scored a well-earned victory.

After the match, the Woke Queens launched a mean-spirited attack on the victors, but this being a night of surprises, things didn’t quite go in their favour. A strangely familiar figure entered the ring, laying out Valkyrie and Keitel. Professing to be Session Moth Martina’s wayward sister, Session Goth made a bold statement of intent: come Wrestle Queendom 2, she would be taking on the terrifying Su Yung in a death match.

Nightshade vs Sierra Loxton – no contest

What had been a pretty enjoyable hoss match unfortunately ended in a no contest when Sierra Loxton landed badly following Nightshade’s One Winged Angel. Loxton was stretchered from the ring and taken from the venue in an ambulance with a possible back injury. Pro Wrestling: EVE staff were absolute champs and took care of Loxton with the utmost care and professionalism. Let’s wish Sierra Loxton a swift recovery.

You live by the kendo stick, you die by the kendo stick

Emi Sakura def. Lana Austin

Queen-themed shenanigans ensued as the legendary Emi Sakura – who never seems to show signs of slowing down – took on Lana Austin.

Austin may be the better singer (although ‘Let It Go’ is never an advisable karaoke choice), but Sakura had the crowd on her side, thundering her way through We Will Rock You and even riffing off Freddie Mercury’s crowd participation at Live Aid.

Sakura is truly a master at working the crowd, and it’s no surprise she’s had the longevity and success she has enjoyed for so many years – she’s just that good. Austin does good business as a cocky heel with a nasty streak, and although you never truly believed she’d get the win, it was fun while it lasted. But Austin was no match for the power of Sakura’s moonsault.

Jamie Hayter def. Kasey

This was a short, sharp shock of a main event, most likely due to time restrictions following Sierra Loxton’s injury. But this didn’t detract: Kasey and Hayter beat the absolute stuffing out of one another.

Chairs flew. Kendo sticks left welts on skin, over and over again. Hayter and Kasey brawled into the crowd in what was very palpably a legitimate grudge match; neither woman had any interested in pulling their punches.

An absolutely disgusting superplex onto two waiting chairs saw one mangled chair, two battered and bruised women and Kasey’s ego deflated as she lost out on her opportunity to join the EVE International Championship match at Wrestle Queendom 2. Not that Jamie Hayter could give a monkey’s….

So that was “She Rules”, and the stage is well and truly set for Wrestle Queendom 2, which promises to be an absolutely epic event. Expect more revelations and additions to the card as EVE rolls on towards Brighton on 28th June with “She Brawls in Brighton“, and “She’s Gonna Start A Fight” on 29th June back at the Resistance Gallery.

And seeing as how it’s Pride month and all, you can also help Pro Wrestling: EVE get to London Pride – because it’s long past time that LGBT+ pro wrestling fans felt represented by the performance art that they love. Donate to EVE’s Pride campaign here and help them raise enough money for a kick-ass float. It is a very, very worthy cause.

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