Dana Warrior personally working with Lacey Evans on promos

As you may know by now, Dana Warrior is currently working with WWE as part of the company’s creative writing team. While she is not the only woman on the team, she is nonetheless working closely with the women’s roster as a result of her backstage work. Namely, it seems like most recently, Warrior has been particularly hands on when it comes to Lacey Evans and her promo work.

According to The Wrestling Observer (as covered and transcribed by 411Mania), it is now being reported that Dana Warrior was backstage on the latest edition of Monday Night Raw working closely with Evans on her promos and has been doing so for awhile now. It is unclear at this time how long the two have been working together or if the latest iteration of the Evans character is, in fact, a “Warrior project.”

It shows how much faith Vince McMahon and Co. have in Dana Warrior to pair her with one of their top Superstars so soon after she took on this writing role. Not only that, but as someone who is still relatively new to the main roster, Lacey Evans could learn a wealth of knowledge on the art of crafting a promo from working with Warrior. Maybe she already has.

Evans’ time with Warrior seems to have already paid in dividends as she has improved immensely on the mic in the last month or so; becoming wholly captivating as a character in the process. We hope that Warrior continues to work her magic for other Superstars on the women’s roster.

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