Impact releases Scarlett Bordeaux

Impact Wrestling took to Twitter this morning with the news that they have released Scarlett Bordeaux from her contract. “Impact Wrestling confirms that it has released Scarlett Bordeaux from her commitments to Impact. We wish her every success in her future endeavors.”

This release comes as no big surprise since she requested her release from the company in back in May. She and real-life boyfriend Killer Kross had requested their releases for financial reasons. Kross was recently a guest on the Fightful’s Wrestling Perspective Podcast and said Bordeaux was still living at home with her mom because she wasn’t being paid enough by Impact.

Scarlett has had a lot of screen time since joining Impact July of last year, including a controversial feud with Disco Inferno. She has been giving quit the push with her “Smoke Show” gimmick, which makes her lack on appropriate payment even more frustrating.

Now that Bordeaux is a free agent she has plenty of opportunities to wrestle elsewhere. She has also made quite a name for herself at AAA and is likely to continue wrestling for them.

Earlier this afternoon she made a statement on her Twitter account regarding the release.

“I couldn’t be more excited to just be a free agent for a while. With that being said, promoters I’m looking to fill July 6th and July 19th! “

This has been a very eventful week for Bordeaux. Besides her release, she was sexually assaulted by a fan on Saturday night. When she was leaned up against the barrier, a fan groped Bordeaux.

It is very likely that Scarlett’s schedule will fill up fast now that she has been released and is a free agent.

Keep checking back to Bell to Belles for the latest news and updates on Scarlett Bordeaux.

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