Allie Kat Impresses in GCW Debut

Game Changer Wrestling is mostly known for death match wrestling and high-risk spots. On this past Thursday’s “Crushed Up” PPV, however, indy darling Allie Kat made her debut for the promotion.

Allie Kat is known for her character work inside the ring. Her character revolves around believing itself to be a cat. In matches, Allie is often distracted by things a standard household cat finds interesting such as yarn balls, keys, shiny lights, etc. Allie Kat believes to have been raised by cats, similar to indy darling Kris Wolf whose character believes itself to have been raised by wolves.

Recently, Allie Kat announced that she will be stepping away from wrestling for a while.

Allie Kat has been on the independent wrestling scene for nearly eight years. These past two years have been her most successful – Thursday’s debut at Crushed Up for Game Changer Wrestling included.

Her opponent on this evening would be Sanchez, a male mainstay for GCW. Allie Kat was all business in Thursday’s matchup. She landed hard forearm strikes to the face of Sanchez and showed her toughness taking multiple chair shots. During the match, Allie delivered a sunset flip to Sanchez onto a chair!

She also showed her toughness by taking a vicious move through a set of chairs!

GCW gave Allie Kat an opportunity to put on a show, and she did exactly that. From the moment her music hit to the very end of the match, Allie had the crowd completely behind her. It was a unique opportunity to see Allie Kat make this debut despite an understandable break from wrestling on the horizon.

What are some other great Allie Kat matches you have seen? Drop us some recommendations in the comments.

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