Pro Wrestling: EVE Wrestle Queendom 2: why you should be excited

Are you hyped for Wrestle Queendom 2? You should be. The pinnacle of the Pro Wrestling: EVE calendar, Wrestle Queendom set the bar in 2018 for women’s wrestling worldwide; how can you argue with an event that opens with a War Games match and just gets better and better?

Wrestle Queendom is back with a second installment and if you thought last year’s event was awesome, just wait until you see what Pro Wrestling: EVE have in store this weekend…

Never content to rest on their laurels, the Riot Grrls of Pro Wrestling are bringing us not one, not two, but three action-packed shows this weekend.

On Friday night, EVE head to Brighton for the first time ever with “She Brawls in Brighton”. Featuring top-drawer matches such as Oedo Tai (Kagetsu & Jamie Hayter) vs Stars (Mayu Iwatani & Arisa Hoshiki) and a thunderous tag team bout between Rebel Kinney & Laura DiMatteo and Jordynne Grace & Nina Samuels, EVE’s excursion to the coast promises to be vital viewing.

Plus, EVE favorite, Yuu, returns to take on Utami Hayashishita.

On Saturday, Pro Wrestling: EVE will return to their Resistance Gallery home with pre-Queendom showdown “She’s Gonna Start A Fight”. Announced matches include a tank battle between Jordynne Grace and Yuu and a hell of a main event in which Mayu Iwatani, Su Yung, Millie McKenzie and EVE champion Kay Lee Ray face off in a Fatal Four Way.

Want more? EVE have got you covered. Sunday rounds off a fantastic weekend of wrestling with THE pro-wrestling event of the summer. Wrestle Queendom 2 is stuffed to the gills with dream matches, featuring both Pro Wrestling: EVE stalwarts and some of STARDOM’s finest, some of whom are competing in EVE for the very first time this weekend.

We’ve got title shots galore, including the crowning of the first ever EVE Tag Team Champions. We’ve got international grudge matches, international grudge death matches, and an emotional last stand for two of EVE’s very best and brightest stars. Let’s take a look at the card as it stands:

Wonder of STARDOM Title Match: Arisa Hoshiki vs Roxxy

Perhaps the most straightforward match on the card, but don’t let that fool you. Roxxy is out to prove her worth against STARDOM’s Arisa Hoshiki, who recently announced her full-time return to wrestling.

Hoshiki had taken time out to pursue a career in music – her entrance theme is one of her own songs – but time away from the ring hasn’t dulled her edge. Hoshiki is one of the very best strikers in STARDOM, and Roxxy will have to dig deep for the courage and stamina to stand up to Hoshiki’s punishing offence.

Roxxy is no slouch herself, though; this last year has seen her go from strength to strength, winning over the EVE faithful with her in-ring skill and indefatigable babyface spirit. Roxxy has future EVE champ written all over her – a victory here could lay the foundations for her rise to the top.

Jordynne Grace vs Laura DiMatteo

Oh boy, this one’s going to leave bruises. Reigning Progress Women’s Champion Grace has been gunning for plucky fan favourite DiMatteo since the Italian star tapped her out in 2018; DiMatteo has been goading her ever since, much to Grace’s irritation. Expect fireworks when this one goes down.

Grace has strength and power on her side, but DiMatteo’s speed and technical ability means she won’t go down without a fight. Both competitors are never less than superb in the ring, so to see them clash at such a high-stakes event practically guarantees an awesome spectacle.

Kagetsu vs Mayu Iwatani

A purely STARDOM affair, this match pits leader of villainous stable Oedo Tai, Kagetsu, against Mayu Iwatani, widely regarded as one of the best wrestlers in the world irrespective of gender.

These two are famous in Japan for beating the ever loving sh*t out of one another and there will be no love lost when they clash once again in York Hall. If you’re new to STARDOM, this is an ideal introduction to one of Japan’s finest promotions: look no further for a pitch-perfect demonstration of what joshi puroresu is all about.

Death Match: Session Goth Martina vs Su Yung

It’s a tale as old as time itself: Party girl meets ghoul. Ghoul kidnaps girl. Ghoul ties girl up in the woods and menaces her. Girl escapes and seeks solace in eyeliner, Jack Daniels and AFI. Fresh with newly-awoken rage, girl challenges ghoul to a death match. Someone dies, probably. Ahh, how many times have we seen that classic story? Won’t someone please think of Martina’s many, many children….?

EVE Tag Team Championship Match: Wrestle Friends (Jetta & Erin Angel) vs Medusa Complex (Charli Evans & Millie McKenzie)

The usually lighthearted and jovial Wrestle Friends take on their arch nemeses, Charli Evans and Millie McKenzie. If past bouts are any indication, expect to see a very different side to Jetta and Erin Angel, who have historically shelved their fun-loving inclinations when it comes to implacable heel duo Medusa Complex in favour of raw anger.

But Evans and McKenzie have a particularly strong claim here: after all, it was Evans’ BattleBowl victory at “She Who Dares, Wins” that kickstarted this whole Tag Championship thing in the first place. With new alliances forming in the EVE locker room, whoever walks out with the belts better watch their backs – the likes of newly-allied Jinny and Mercedez Blaze are going to be right behind them.

It’s not listed as a grudge match, but it might as well be: this is not going to be pretty, but it is going to be awesome.

EVE International Championship Match: Utami Hayashishita vs Jamie Hayter vs Nina Samuels

Trust Nina Samuels to rain on Jamie Hayter’s parade. Ace of EVE Hayter earned a title shot of her choosing at She-1, and theoretically this should be a straight match between Hayter and Utami. But Nina Samuels can’t help but stick her oar in and has “earned” herself a spot in this international clash.

This could prove to be Hayter’s undoing – her sheer hatred for Samuels has been her blind spot before, and she runs the risk of losing sight of the title as she seeks to run Samuels into the ground. And you can bet that Samuels has factored this into her plans.

It’s been incredibly entertaining to watch Hayter’s sudden u-turn from “we all hate her, Jamie Hayter” to unlikely fan favourite, purely by virtue of her being less awful than Nina Samuels. And while it’s anyone’s guess how long she can ride on the goodwill of the EVE faithful, you can be sure that the crowd will take a Hayter win over Nina Samuels’ unbearably smug victory sneer.

EVE Championship Match: Kay Lee Ray vs Viper

EVE have had a surfeit of deeply emotional live shows lately. As the landscape of British women’s wrestling continues to shift with the somewhat destabilising presence of NXT UK, so we have seen some of EVE’s most beloved stars move on to the bright lights of WWE.

This match, then, is not just a title match. It’s a swansong for two of the most vital women on the Pro Wrestling: EVE roster. And in some ways, that matters more than the title. For EVE fans, this will be the last time we see Kay Lee Ray and Viper perform in a Pro Wrestling: EVE ring.

Ultimately, this match is about pride, and about friendship. There’s no animosity between Ray and Viper, whose tireless support of one another is so clearly and so tangibly real. But Ray has walked a long, hard road to get here: eight years wrestling at EVE, and her first (and last) title reign, hard-earned.

Meanwhile, fellow EVE veteran Viper, while a former EVE International champ, has never held the promotion’s main title – and wants to hold that championship belt one last time before she makes that final jump to WWE.

This main event marks the end of an era for EVE. Toni Storm, Kay Lee Ray and Viper are all WWE-bound. Kris Wolf retired earlier this year. The world of British women’s wrestling is undergoing seismic change, and Pro Wrestling: EVE are riding the wave; there is no shortage of talented women wrestlers in the UK, and it’s going to be fascinating to see how EVE move forward from this point.

Wrestle Queendom 2 is a vitally important show, then, in the already storied history of a promotion that has always put women’s wrestling before everything else. The sacrifices that EVE have made to get to this point; the literal blood, sweat and tears poured into every show, the broken bones and bruised bodies.

Pro Wrestling: EVE are in this game because they love women’s wrestling, and they recognise the vital importance of diverse women role models in a world that all too often seeks to divest women of their autonomy, their self-esteem and their freedom of choice. And as if that weren’t enough, they put on really good wrestling shows.

This is an exciting time to get into Pro Wrestling: EVE; there is everything to play for, new stories just waiting to be told, and an entire weekend of amazing wrestlers putting on superb matches for your viewing entertainment. What’s not to love…?

(Can’t make the show? Don’t worry. EVE will be streaming live at Eve on Demand. Enjoy…!)

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