Becky Lynch becomes first WWE Superstar on ESPN Magazine cover

Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch and GLOW star Allison Brie graced the cover of the August issue of ESPN Magazine. Additionally, the two sat down for a feature with a senior writer for espnW, Allison Glock.

Becky Lynch has participated in several high-profile interviews this year. In fact, she is the first female wrestler to appear on the cover of ESPN Magazine

She has become the face of WWE’s women’s division and one of the most popular wrestlers in the industry. Since she headlined WrestleMania in April, Lynch continues to redefine what it means to be a female superstar and open up doors for her peers.

In the cover article, she discussed her early beginnings an uncoordinated misfit.

“I was so bad, absolutely awful,” Lynch said. “I deserved to fail because I was completely unathletic, uncoordinated. But there was just something about wrestling … I loved it so much. And I knew I wanted to dedicate everything to it.”

Brie professed, “I can’t believe that you were ever unathletic.” She immediately connected with the WWE superstar as someone who didn’t have any athletic experience prior to GLOW.

“I can totally relate to what Becky is saying about being unathletic at first,” she said. “When our wrestling coach, Chavo Guerrero Jr., called me a natural, it was a shock. It was the first time anyone ever said something like that to me. I tapped into this whole other side of myself at 33 years old.”

The “Blockbuster” issue will center around the convergence between Hollywood and sports, so it’s fitting to see how the actress relates to Becky Lynch. Of course, GLOW, Netflix’s hit show loosely based on the 1980s Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling promotion, also contributed to women’s wrestling’s recent surge in popularity

You can read the full interview here. GLOW Season 3 will premiere on Aug. 9, 2019.

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