Britt Baker suffered a concussion at Fight for the Fallen

Last night, Britt Baker suffered a concussion during her match on The Buy-In. The injury appeared to happen halfway through the match, but she managed to finish it and walk out with the help of Aubrey Edwards.

Britt Baker teamed up with Riho to take on Bea Priestley and Shoko Nakajima in a losing effort. She seemed to be hindered a few times throughout the match, but Baker revealed she was concussed this morning in response to a tweet from Edwards.

Aubrey Edwards, who officiated the tag match, took to Twitter to say she lost an earring sometime last night while leaving the building in a hurry. Baker noted Edwards rushed to leave Daily’s Place because she was looking after her and checking in with her every hour after the injury. As a show of gratitude, Baker promised, “Next pair is on me.”

It’s unclear when the injury occurred, but at one point during the match, Priestley kicked Baker in the back of the head while she was down. Afterward, she looked noticeably disoriented.

This is unfortunate. It marred a good matchup and what turned out to be an entertaining match. We wish Britt Baker a swift recovery and hope to see her back in action soon.

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