Tessa Blanchard’s 3 best career matches

Tessa Blanchard is often argued to be the best women’s wrestler in all of wrestling. Some even go a step further and call her one of the best wrestlers period. And with good reason.

In just five years, the self-professed Queen of the Carolinas has molded herself into the ideal athlete. When it comes to both character work and in-ring wrestling, Blanchard excels. She can walk, she can talk and she can she can go with the best of them. And by best of them, gender is no limitation.

Some of The Queen’s best matches have been against men. That includes her recent Slammiversary main event vs. Sami Callihan. Even in defeat, Tessa looked like a million bucks.

A rematch is set for Impact Wrestling’s Unbreakable and will be a number one contender’s match for the World Title. Which means that if Tessa wins the rematch, she’ll be one step closer to becoming Impact’s first ever Knockout to hold it’s main World Heavyweight Championship. The day that happens will certainly be a day worth celebrating and rejoicing for fans of Impact, Tessa, and intergender wrestling.

But that day, for now at least, remains in the distance as a hypothetical. For now, there is something else afoot that’s worth celebrating and that’s Tessa Blanchard’s birthday. That’s right, folks. Tessa Blanchard turns 24-years old. Which, don’t even get us started with how talented she is now. Just imagine when she’s a full blown vet, but that’s another discussion for a different day.

On today, however, let’s celebrate Blanchard’s birthday by celebrating the best matches of her career thus far.

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