Tessa Blanchard’s 3 best career matches

2. vs. Gail Kim

This is what we call a “changing of the guard” type of match. From the moment she stepped foot into the Impact Zone, it seemed like Tessa Blanchard was being primed to be the premiere athlete of the Knockouts division. The face of said division, if you will. However, that change never truly felt completely until she faced and defeated the face of the division in Hall of Famer Gail Kim.

Within several months of build-up, a blood feud of sorts was crafted until Kim pulled herself out of retirement for one last match. For fans who felt like Kim’s actual retirement match at Bound for Glory 2017 felt more like a whimper than a bang were relieved to see the seven time Knockouts Champion end her career with an excellent bout against an excellent competitor in a dream match.

On paper, Tessa Blanchard vs. Gail Kim already looks like a sensational contest on paper, but because they both happen to be great at what they do, the match managed to exceed expectations. What occurred was a successful passing of the torch that was good enough to establish Blanchard as not only a new babyface and future staple of the Knockouts division, but potentially a believable future World Champion.

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