Tessa Blanchard’s 3 best career matches

1. vs. Mercedes Martinez – RISE 10: INSANITY – Iron Woman Match

It was hard to argue for any match other than this instant classic to claim the top spot. Of course, wrestling is subjective and anyone’s answer for Tessa Blanchard’s best match is valid for that very reason. Plus, she’s had so many incredible contests that fishing for a top match on her resume is like pulling crawfish out of a barrel. Either way, you’re bound to pull out a delicious crawfish.

For us, Tessa Blanchard vs. Mercedes Martinez is that delicious crawfish of a match. Except, rather than the sea where most crawfish belong (at least according to vegans), the stage was RISE 10: INSANITY. There, Blanchard defended her Phoenix of Rise Championship against Martinez in an Iron Woman.

At 75-minutes, the match currently holds the record for being the longest women’s match in the history of professional wrestling on this planet. That is not a length that just any ordinary competitor could withstand so easily. It takes the tremendous cardio and in-ring acumen of a gladiator to endure such a grueling time limit, but these gladiators were up for the challenge.

In that time frame, The Queen of the Carolinas and The Latina Sensation put on one heck of a clinic inside of that ring. Oh yes, as with any Iron Man/Woman match, this one takes its sweet time before reaching a crescendo, but believe us when we say that the wait is worth it. From beginning to end, Martinez and Blanchard’s chemistry is in pitch perfect unison. When the match kicks into high gear, it feels like a rollercoaster ride of emotion right up until a thrilling conclusion.

By time those 75 minutes wrap up, it’s going to be hard for anyone to deny that what they witnessed was one of best matches to take place inside of a wrestling ring.

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