The ten best women’s SummerSlam matches

SummerSlam is upon us. The annual show is one of WWE’s original “Big Four” pay-per-view events. It’s considered the second biggest event of their calendar year, behind WrestleMania.

“The Biggest Party of the Summer” debuted at Madison Square Garden on Aug. 29, 1988. Since it has hosted some of the greatest moments in WWE history. If WrestleMania can be considered a season finale of sorts, then SummerSlam is kind of like a mid-season finale.

Surprisingly, this year’s event will host the most matches featuring women in its 30-year history. Both the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champion will defend their titles and Charlotte Flair will face WWE Hall of Famer, Trish Stratus. There are even rumors that the Women’s Tag Team Champions will also compete on the card.

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That’s a far cry from the inaugural event, where no women competed on the show. “Queen” Sherri Martel won the first scheduled women’s “match” at the event two years later at The Spectrum in Philadelphia by forfeit.

However, there was no actual match as Sapphire didn’t show up because Ted Dibiase bought her. Right. Let’s not talk about that.

Four years later, Alundra Blayze ushered in a new era of women’s wrestling in her match with Bull Nakano.

Since female superstars consistently appeared on the card up to SummerSlam 2000, which included a Stinkface match—a remnant from the Attitude Era that should remain in obscurity. As a matter of fact, forget I even mentioned it.

After the six-woman tag match on pre-show in 2001, female superstars were notably absent for the next five years. They appeared again in 2007 in a 12-woman Interpromotional Divas Battle Royal to determine the number one contender for the WWE Women’s Championship.

Women have wrestled in 22 matches on the event to date. It has been a mixed bag including several big multi-women matches, but there have been some standout showings as well.

So, ahead of the event next weekend, here are ten of the best women’s SummerSlam matches.

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