The ten best women’s SummerSlam matches

7. Natalya vs. Naomi – 2017

Natalya vs. Naomi at SummerSlam 2017 is a hidden gem. These two have good chemistry together. The clash of Nattie’s technical mat-based style and Naomi’s unorthodox and flashy offense makes for an interesting juxtaposition.

The champion, Naomi, looked every bit as formidable as she did in her run leading up to WrestleMania 33. She pulled off some spectacular spots including a blockbuster off of the ring steps, a Russian leg sweep off the middle rope, and a scorpion kick into a headscissors takedown.

However, the challenger weathered every burst of momentum and just outwrestled her. Naomi looked to have the match won when she went for a split-legged moonsault but Natalya quickly got her knees up to counter.

Then the “Queen of Harts” locked in the Sharpshooter to win via submission.

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This is one of the best matches on this list in terms of in-ring action. It ranks so low because these two characters didn’t connect with the audience for whatever reason.

Naomi is a charismatic face and Natalya is a capable heel. But even so, the psychology in this match often fell flat.

In addition, the finish was kind of a downer. It was an apathetic end Naomi’s second reign as SmackDown Women’s Champion, which didn’t feel nearly as special as it had the potential to.

On the other hand, Natalya deserved a big win on such a grand stage. She had been one of the most consistent workers in the division for ten years and she doesn’t get enough credit for the work she does to put others over.

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