The ten best women’s SummerSlam matches

4. Chyna and Eddie Guerrero vs. Trish Stratus and Val Venis – 2000

On paper, this is an odd mix of character but this match was special. Despite some of the cringe-worthy aspects of this storyline, it was hard not to like the pairing of Chyna and Eddie Guerrero.

It’s a testament to how popular they were individually at the time. Also, Guerrero could always get a subpar angle over because he was so likable.

The “couple” faced the Intercontinental Champion, Val Venis, and Trish Stratus, in here first—and only—appearance at SummerSlam to date.

Val had to defend his title in a tag team match, where whoever gained a pinfall would become the new champion—even if they didn’t pin Venis. Yes, the rules of this match don’t make much sense, but that’s forgivable.

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At any rate, Chyna was undeniably the star of this entry from start to finish. It was essentially a handicap match because of Stratus’ lack of in-ring capabilities at the time. However,  the “Ninth Wonder of the World” even shined against Val, hitting him with a massive lariat.

Eventually, Eddie pulled the champion out of the ring, leaving Trish to attempt clothesline on her own. Chyna comically no-sells it and flattened her with a Military Press to become the Intercontinental Champion for a second time.

The recent Hall of Fame inductee is still the only woman to hold the prestigious title.

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