Women’s Casino Battle Royal Added to AEW’s All Out

As announced on All Elite Wrestling’s YouTube Series, “Road to All Out,” Brandi Rhodes announced the first women’s match for the upcoming event over Labor Day weekend.

The “Chief Brandi Officer” herself announced a women’s Casino Battle Royal that will help set up the match for the inaugural AEW World Women’s Championship at the television debut of AEW on TNT.

For those of you unfamiliar with the way the AEW-specific battle royal works, here are the rules:

  • 21 participants are chosen
  • Each participant picks a card.
  • The suit drawn dictates which group they will enter
  • Prior to entry, a dealer draws a card. The corresponding suit will dictate which group of 5 contestants enters the match next
  • The participant that draws the “Joker” card will enter last

The match originally debuted at AEW’s Double or Nothing and will make a re-appearance in the company’s final PPV event prior to their television debut. The video also took an opportunity to announce some of the participants in the event. Brandi Rhodes, Nyla Rose, Britt Baker, and Yuka Sakazaki are the familiar names announced for the match. However, as Brandi pointed out, there are not 21 women on the roster at this time, so there would be surprises. Three of which were announced on this episode: Teal Piper (daughter of legendary wrestler Roddy Piper), women’s wrestling Icon Jazz, and Ivelisse were all announced as well.

AEW’s All Out will take place on August 31st. Details to watch the sold out event have not been announced yet.

Who do you hope to see enter the Casino Battle Royal? Do you have an early favorite to win the match and go on for a chance at the AEW World Women’s Championship?

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