Big Swole becomes the new Phoenix of RISE Champion

Big Swole, formerly known as Aerial Monroe, defeated Zoe Lucas to become the new Phoenix of RISE Champion at The Summit.

Big Swole challenged the champion to a rematch in May, following a disappointing loss at the RISE: Luminous. Lucas retained at the event even though the challenger had a hand on the rope.

In an intense match, the two went back and forth, eventually trading strikes in the middle of the ring. However, Big Swole finally got her revenge when she reversed Lucas’ Scorpion Kick into a sunset flip and pinned her to become the eighth Phoenix of RISE Champion.

Afterward, Zoe tried to take the title and leave, claiming the new champion didn’t deserve it and no one could take the belt away from her. Then, women’s wrestling legend, Bull Nakano, came out to raucous cheers and dispatched Lucas with her nunchucks.

As a referee carried Zoe Lucas out, Nakano officially presented Big Swole with the Phoenix of RISE Championship and raised her hand.

This is a big career milestone for the up-and-coming indie wrestler. Swole now follows in the footstep of other notable RISE champions like Mercedes Martinez, Tessa Blanchard, Delilah Doom, Shotzi Blackheart, and Dust—who was the first Phoenix of RISE Champion.

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