Queen of the Ring: Round of 64 – 1st Quadrant

On the Aug. 12 edition of Raw, it was announced that WWE would revive their wrestling tournament King of the Ring. We’ve created a tournament for the women’s counterpart: Queen of the Ring.

King of the Ring is a single-elimination tournament where 16 participating wrestlers fight for glory. WWE announced the tournament will start on Raw on Aug. 19, with subsequent rounds airing on both Raw and SmackDown Live.

The King of the Ring finals will take place on Sept. 15 at WWE’s pay-per-view Clash of Champions, airing live at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Wrestling fans were excited to see the bracket released, earlier this week. But, one attribute of the bracket was painfully obvious: this was a tournament for male superstars , only.

Though traditionally the King of the Ring is an all-male tournament, fans clamored for an all-women’s tournament: Queen of the Ring.

Bell To Belles is dedicated to gender equality and strives to level the playing field in professional wrestling, any chance we can get. Besides; women enjoy March Madness and Bracketology, too.

We’ve created our own Queen of the Ring tournament, complete with a bracket. All wrestlers were chosen at random for their corresponding “divisions”. Division order on the bracket, and wrestler order within each division, were chosen at random by assigning each a number between one and eight, and drawing the slips of paper from a jar. The tournament is single-elimination.

Queen of the Ring

The wrestlers (unfortunately) won’t get to actually compete against each other for the title, but we think the fans could choose wisely. Every day, a new section of a round will open up for voting. Readers can choose which wrestler they think would win, or who they want to win. It’s completely up to the voter!

Voting will continue through Aug. 30, when the finals will take place. Voting will occur until the winner is awarded, but the finals will have a special surprise to accompany the voting.

There’s many talented women we were not able to put on the bracket, and many “matches” we’ll not get to see. But, let’s make this tournament a chance to celebrate women’s wrestling, and the incredible talent spread across the world.

Below is the first quadrant we are releasing for voting. Please choose in the poll who you would like to win that match. Voting will stay open for 24 hours, in which the polls will close, we will update the bracket, and open another quadrant. Readers are only allowed to vote once, so vote carefully!

Happy choosing!

Queen of the Ring

Check back tomorrow, after noon, to vote on the second quadrant: WWE SmackDown and the European Indies.

Let us know what you think about the match-ups below!

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