Queen of the Ring

Queen of the Ring: Round of 64 – 3rd Quadrant

The Queen of the Ring Tournament is in full swing, with two quadrants of the first round already decided.

In Quadrant 2, it looks like the readers were more ready for Asuka, fond of Martina’s party ways, and preferred the Pirate Princess over The Queen.

Queen of the Ring

For Quadrant 3, readers will be able to choose between Jordynne Grace’s power, or Tessa Blanchard’s star presence. They’ll also get to vote on the North American indies’ best women wrestlers.

Remember: readers can vote for who they want to win, or who they think would win. Readers can vote once, and the polls will stay open for 24 hours. Once the polls close, the winners will be announced.

Take a look at the updated Queen of the Ring bracket above, and be sure to visit our first Queen of the Ring post, if you’re unfamiliar with the tournament rules.

Happy voting!

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Who did you choose for Quadrant 3? Let us know below!

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