Samantha Heights will need to undergo ACL surgery

In some unfortunate news, Shimmer Wrestling announced that the Heart of SHIMMER Champion, Samantha Heights, sustained an injury during her tour in Japan.

Back in April, Samantha Heights ended Dust’s 355-day reign and became the new champion at SHIMMER 113.

She went on to defend the title against Shazza McKenzie in June before she started a lengthy tour of Japan in July. While abroad, she worked with promotions like Marvelous and Sendai Girls.

However, she was forced to cut her trip short when she suffered a knee injury. Last night, Heights revealed she will need to undergo surgery to repair her ACL. She is currently unsure when she will be able to return.

It’s unclear how severe her injuries are but she seems to be in good spirits and motivated to get back as soon as she can.

Per company policy, SHIMMER also revealed that they will not ask Heights to vacate the title. She will still be recognized as the Heart of SHIMMER Champion while she recuperates from her surgery.

In the meantime, they will determine the new number one contender, who will face Heights when she returns

We here at Bell to Belles would like to wish Samantha Heights a swift recovery. Hopefully, she will back and prepared to defend the title soon.

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