The top five “Smiley” Kylie Rae matches

Next weekend, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) will return to the place where it all began, the Sears Centre in Chicago, IL. If you’re a wrestling fan who lives in the city, chances are you know first-hand how good Kylie Rae is.

The lovable hometown girl signed with AEW after she took the Chicago indie scene by storm for over a year, becoming one of the hottest independent wrestlers in the country.

In just three years since “Smiley” Kylie Rae debuted with Reality of Wrestling, she has gained an exceptional reputation and an impressive resume to boot.

Kylie is already highly decorated. She has held seven different titles and she has stood in the ring with some of the biggest names in women’s wrestling.

The future looks bright for the 27-year-old Oak Forest native and AEW could eventually make her a household name. Unfortunately, she is reportedly out with an undisclosed medical injury.

Hopefully, she will make an appearance at All Out, because it would be a shame for her to miss such a big moment in her hometown.

Nevertheless, today is Kylie’s birthday. Let’s celebrate the occasion by taking a look back at five of her best matches so far.

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