The top five “Smiley” Kylie Rae matches

4. Jordynne Grace vs. Kylie Rae – Warrior Wrestling 3

Kylie Rae and Jordynne Grace were two of the most talked-about free agents coming into 2019. Back in January, Kylie challenged Grace for the Progress Women’s Championship in this hidden gem for a local independent promotion based in Chicago Heights—Warrior Wrestling.

Early on, Grace used her strength to beat down her opponent. However, Kylie wisely took her down with a basement dropkick, followed by a European uppercut and a cannonball senton in the corner.

Rae would mount sporadic comebacks like this throughout the match. In one of the highlights of the event, she managed to rock Jordynne with an explosive German suplex.

It bought her some time, but “Thick Mama Pump” went back to work with an onslaught of body slams and clotheslines. Rae wouldn’t back down though. She continued to use her speed and tenacity to gain an advantage.

The two went back and forth until Kylie ducked a clothesline and stunned the champion with a superkick. The crowd erupted as she took Grace down with a Russian leg sweep and quickly cinched in the Charity Case.

In the end, Jordynne proved to be too much. Rae reversed a sliding clothesline and somehow maintained wrist control. But Grace pulled her in and finished her with a pumphandle driver.

This was one of the best women’s matches of the year. Both competitors came out of it looking as impressive as you would expect.

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