The top five “Smiley” Kylie Rae matches

3. Tessa Blanchard vs. Kylie Rae – Zelo Pro Milwaukee Meltdown

This was the third edition in a trilogy of great matches between Tessa Blanchard and Kylie Rae for Zelo Pro. Their heated rivalry started in 2017 and continued when the third-generation star defeated the inaugural Zelo Pro Women’s Champion for the title in March of 2018.

Heading into this Two Out of Three Falls match, Blanchard was undefeated against Kylie. So, it looked like she had her number.

Tessa started the bout by methodically targeting Rae’s arm and fingers, using joint manipulation. After a spectacular display of acrobatics moves, Kylie went to lock in her finisher, but Tessa hugged the ropes to avoid it.

Eventually, the challenger stole the first fall with a roll-up. This infuriated Blanchard, who viciously attacked Rae outside the ring and continued to target her arm.

Back in the ring, they traded strikes and pinfall attempts. Until Kylie managed to get Tessa up on her shoulders and plant her with a powerbomb for a great near fall.

Throughout the second half of the fight, Rae miraculously evaded or withstood the champion’s offense. It looked like Blanchard would finally gain a fall when she hit Kylie with a devastating Draping Flatliner from the middle rope.

Instead, she kicked out at the last second and went on to win with two consecutive falls. Tessa’s hubris allowed Kylie to catch her with a schoolboy and become a two-time Zelo Pro Women’s Champion.

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