Bell to Belles Roundtable: AEW All Out Predictions

This weekend, The Elite will make their return to Chicago to present their biggest pay-per-view event of the year, All Out. Even more, the show will be monumental for AEW’s women’s division.  

Fans will finally get their first glimpse of the AEW Women’s World Championship belt and 21 competitors enter the Casino Battle Royale to determine the first contender for the titles. There will undoubtedly be a night full of surprises and exciting developments.

Ahead of the All Out some of the staff of Bell to Belles got together to give their predictions for the women’s matches and share their thoughts on the fledgling division.

As noted, the Women’s Casino Battle Royale will have some big implications heading into AEW’s debut on TNT in October. So, who will win and go on to compete for the title on the first episode?

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