Bell to Belles Roundtable: AEW All Out Predictions

Women’s Casino Battle Royale

Lauren Founds: The winner of the Casino Battle Royal will be Britt Baker. The battle royal consists of amazing women from all over the globe, but Britt Baker deserves a shot at the inaugural women’s championship the most. Many of the women already announced are not officially signed to All Elite Wrestling so chances of them winning are slim.

I think the obvious choice would be Britt Baker, and if I had to go with my gut, I would choose Baker. But if I’m given the choice on who should win, I’m going to say Nyla Rose. AEW should position Rose as the head of the heel department and legitimize her as a leader of the division.

Kristen Ashly: But please, AEW, give me the opportunity to brag about how right I was and put Shotzi Blackheart in that fight. She’s a talent they can’t miss out on.

AEW apparently believes that the second time is the charm for their confusing battle royale format, so we’ll see if the women’s edition of this match flows better than the Double or Nothing version. The announced names are more than exciting enough and with more surprises on the way—given the number of open spots—this has the makings of a fun battle royal, if all goes to plan.

All Out
Photo credit: All Elite Wrestling

Chris Jeter: As for who wins, Nyla Rose seems like a safe bet. The promotion rightfully views her as the monster heel to build the division around, so it makes sense for Rose to earn a spot in the first women’s title match. The other ladies will get their spots to shine, but it will be Rose’s night in Chicago.

Dean Buckley: Go big or go home! Session Moth Martina will win the first shot at the vacant women’s title, as one of the unannounced entrants.

She conspicuously tweeted recently that she doesn’t work for WWE, a possible hint that rumors she was signed by NXT UK are false. If so, I wouldn’t be surprised if AEW snapped her up in the meantime. Their pleasantly non-PG style would offer fewer constraints on her working-class party girl gimmick, which has historically included such wonders as a mandible claw with Mr. Socko replaced by a condom produced from her underwear. I have to assume at least some of the surprise entrants will be there to build hype in advance of AEW’s television debut, and Martina has hype to spare.

But if it’s going to be one of the announced entrants, it’s going to be Britt Baker. If I can be boldly specific with my prediction, Britt Baker will win by last eliminating Brandi Rhodes, who will spend most of the match hiding and/or getting protection from Awesome Kong.

I don’t know that Britt Baker is who I’d pick. An inaugural heel champ would give the women’s division more narrative tension and Nyla Rose’s character arc seems to point towards a make-or-break moment on her path to top heel where she drops her cockiness, takes a match seriously and focuses entirely on victory. The battle royal could easily be that match, but I don’t think AEW are yet confident enough in Nyla Rose to give her that push. I think it’s gonna be Britt Baker, and she’ll be a fine winner.

Kevin Parvizi: Britt Baker seems like the safe pick, because I get the feeling AEW promotes her the most and most fans know who she is. But the woman who is actually the safest – and smartest – pick to be the first champion is Nyla Rose. She’s been one of the promotion’s standouts at the pre-TV PPVs, and, yes, I am of the belief that babyfaces should chase. Someone needs to chase an impervious, remorseless, and seemingly undefeatable Rose, who has all the tools to be a wonderful champion for AEW’s Women’s Division.

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