Riho vs. Nyla Rose set for AEW’s first women’s title match

Tonight, Riho faced Hikaru Shida for a shot at the inaugural AEW Women’s World Championship.

This highly anticipated match did not disappoint as Riho moved forward to earn a spot in the company’s first women’s title match.

Photo credit: All Elite Wrestling

The two Joshi standouts put on a clinic in AEW’s strongest match featuring women so far. They displayed great chemistry together as they proficiently countered each other throughout the match.

Shida used her size advantage early to gain control, but she also showed off some impressive technical ability.

She laid in numerous holds to wear Riho down, but the recent addition to Stardom fought her way back into the match. She pulled off several double stomps, including one from the top rope on to the apron.

Later, Riho executed a devastating double knee strike and nailed her opponent in the back of the head. However, Shida quickly countered her with an arm drag, maintained wrist control, and transitioned it into a jaw-dropping backbreaker.

In the end, Riho used Hikaru’s size against her when she ingeniously rebounded into a tilt-a-whirl crucifix pin to stun her and win via pinfall.

Riho will go on to take on Nyla Rose, who won the Women’s Casino Battle Royale, for the AEW Women’s World Champion on the promotion TNT debut on Oct. 2.

What do you think of this matchup? Drop a comment below and be sure to check back with Bell to Belles for more AEW news.

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