Carmella opens up about a recent health issue

WWE Superstar Carmella hasn’t been seen on TV since she wrestled on the July 29 episode of RAW. She posted earlier today on her Instagram that she had to take time away from the ring and also social media to deal with a health scare.

Carmella didn’t go into details of the health issue on her social media but just reiterated that she hadn’t taken time off in six years. During her time off, she was able to decompress and deal with whatever the scare was that she was dealing. Carmella also took time to spend quality time with friends, family and her boyfriend, fellow WWE talent Corey Graves.

The time off seem to be just what she needed to really see what is important in life and to focus less on the social media and all the negative energy it brings.

“For the first time in six years I was forced to slow down. I’ve never had an injury with time off or anything of the sort since I started with WWE. I was able to slow down for a few weeks and just be. It opened my mind and my eyes to the world I didn’t notice for six years and allowed me to be present instead of worrying about the next thing on my to do list.”

Hopefully, Carmella is ready to return to action and will be back on television soon. Prior to her time off, she was heavily involved in the 24/7 Tile along with R Truth.

The staff here at Bell to Belles hopes Carmella is feeling healthy and looks forward to seeing her back in action.

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