Brandi Rhodes opens up about racism from wrestling fans

Yesterday, AEW’s Chief Brand Officer, Brandi Rhodes, added her voice to a chorus of black female celebrities, who have faced harassment online.  

Rhodes took to Twitter to address the racism she has faced from some fans. In response to Riverdale’s Ashley Murray’s tweet, she said, “I experience it regularly from wrestling fandom as well. It’s not okay. Why people continue to turn a blind eye to racism in this form is puzzling to me.”

Murray was commiserating about her own experiences with racist fans in light of the news “13 Reasons Why” star Grace Saif deactivated her social media accounts due to harassment.

Rhodes went on to attest silence in the face of this abhorrent behavior is part of the problem. “Being silent in this way allows those people to become the MAJORITY. It makes people think they are alone. I know from experience it feels indescribably AWFUL. Why is the silent majority content to let the vocal minority rule with a hateful agenda? Eye-opening and disappointing.”

Unfortunately, Brandi Rhodes isn’t the only one who has had to deal with this kind of conduct from wrestling fans. Last year, WWE superstar, Naomi, posted screenshots of some racist tweets she received to encourage others who may experience it too.

“I deal with negativity and racism like this on a daily basis,” she said, “But I don’t allow it to bring me down I encourage others who are experiencing the same or any type of bullying to be strong stay positive & not let the actions of others change who you are.”

There are undoubtedly other black wrestlers and entertainers who suffer through this in silence. There are also other examples like the hate and ignorance some fans spewed at Nyla Rose over the weekend.

At the end of the day, these women are human. They put themselves through so much mentally and physically to entertain us and they deserve our respect. More importantly, they need to know we stand with them against intolerance of any kind.

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