History made as women impress at Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 2

Headlines regarding opportunities and usage throughout various promotions have dominated women’s wrestling in 2019. Saturday night presented a new opportunity for fans of women’s wrestling to celebrate.

Bloodsport is a new take on professional wrestling presented by Game Changer Wrestling. The matches take place in a ring that has had the ropes removed. Each match features a combination of elements from MMA and pro wrestling.

Prior to tonight, most of the events were dominated by all-male cards. However, GCW slotted two women’s wrestling matches for the show—Sumie Sukai vs Lindsay Snow & Allysin Kay vs Nicole Savoy.

Lindsay Snow Bloodsport

Sumie Sakai vs. Lindsay Snow

Sumie Sakai and Lindsay Snow put on an absolute clinic, in a perfect example of a Bloodsport match. The match served as the very first Bloodsport match featuring female wrestlers, an honor Sumie Sakai absolutely deserved.

Snow has a background in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, which she was able to display here. However, Sakai’s ability to counter out of submission moves with her speed would be the deciding factor. It was an impressive display of Snow’s skill but it ended with a submission victory for Sakai.

Sienna Bloodsport

Allysin Kay vs. Nicole Savoy

The women had a presence on the main card of this event as well. Allysin Kay, the current NWA World Women’s Champion, faced off against Nicole Savoy. Savoy displayed impressive offense, speedy strikes, and constantly attacked, leaving Kay looking tired and overwhelmed by Savoy’s offense.

Kay had an opportunity to showcase some veteran awareness as she rolled out of the ring on two occasions, escaping Savoy’s onslaught. Finally, Kay had an opportunity to counter Savoy and put her into a situation that would spell her demise.

Kay rained stiff elbow strikes onto Savoy, resulting in a knockout victory for the NWA Women’s Champion.

Yim wouldn’t be the only member of the NXT women’s roster to take notice as the champ herself, Shayna Baszler, provided commentary on the event via Twitter.

This was truly a historic moment for women as they participated in a unique style of professional wrestling. Sienna vs. Savoy was one of the absolute standout matches of the evening. Both matches featuring woman wrestlers successfully demonstrated the unique skillsets of the competitors.

Did you watch Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 2? What were your thoughts on the women’s matches from this event?

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