Taya Valkyrie regains Reina de Reinas Championship

Sunday night, Taya Valkyrie challenged Tessa Blanchard at AAA Invading NY in a hotly contested match for the Reina de Reinas Championship. However, it was Valkyrie who left the Hulu Theater victorious.

Valkyrie and Blanchard’s rivalry has been a high point in women’s wrestling this year. Tonight, they delivered again in a match with great high spots and effective storytelling.

Taya Valkyrie surprisingly looked like the underdog for most of the match, fighting her way back as Blanchard raised her intensity. In one of the best near falls of the bout, Tessa nailed her with a Canadian Destroyer, but Valkyrie managed to kick out.

The fight eventually broke down into a brawl, and Blanchard dished out several devastating moves. Still, “La Wera Loca” prevailed when she executed a stiff knee strike and the Road to Valhalla to win via pinfall.

Afterward, the two hugged and Valkyrie extended her hand to help her opponent up. But Blanchard attacked her to add more heat to this bitter rivalry.

Nevertheless, this win makes Taya Valkyrie a three-time Reina de Reinas Champions, as she reclaimed the title that she was forced to vacate two years ago.

Did you watch AAA Invading NY? Drop a comment below and let us know what you thought of this match.

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