Dakota Kai couldn’t return at a better time

Dakota Kai is scheduled to make her long-awaited return to NXT next week. The New Zealand native has been out of action since she suffered a torn ACL at a live event last December. Thankfully, she finally completed her road to recovery.

NXT started airing vignettes for Dakota Kai last week, but this week WWE revealed she will appear on the next episode. This news couldn’t come at a better time as she could make an impact with NXT on USA.

Dakota Kai
Photo credit: WWE

NXT and NXT UK are both loaded with talented women. However, there has been a need for a new pure babyface character since Kairi Sane moved to SmackDown.

One would have to assume that’s why Candice LeRae has been getting more opportunities lately. She certainly fits the bill and she could be the one to finally end Shayna Baszler’s reign of terror. Still, Kai would be a great second option.

It’s not hard to see the comparisons between Dakota and another NXT alum, Bayley. She is just as easy to relate to as the current SmackDown Women’s Champions was when she was first introduced. Moreover, she can gain sympathy unlike any other woman on the roster, which she proved during her program with Baszler.

Speaking of, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to revisit their feud if “The Queen of Spades” doesn’t move up to the main roster. Kai has already had two opportunities to challenge for the NXT Women’s Championship, but there are still more stories to tell there. After an arduous recuperation period, it would be inspiring to see her return tougher and more motivated to face her former tormenter.

Even more, Dakota Kai is a unique talent, who has an it factor that WWE would be foolish not to invest in. Yes, she’s comparable to Bayley, but she also has a style and presence of her own.

She has a creative and hard-hitting moveset that works perfectly with her size and established character. For example, her finisher—the Kairopractor—is both beautiful and innovative.

Kai has the right balance of character work and in-ring ability. She could be a huge asset to NXT or NXT UK with the right storyline.

Also, it would be fun to see her reunite with her friend and another returning NXT star, Tegan Knox. They would make a good pairing if WWE decides to make the Women’s Tag Team Championships floating titles like they initially planned.

Now that the “black and yellow brand” is on network television it would be a perfect time to introduce more teams to compete for them.

This is a great time for Dakota Kai to make her way back to NXT. She has so much potential and there are so many ways WWE could utilize her in the coming months. Hopefully, they’re giving her return so much attention because they have big plans for her.

What do you think? Drop a comment below and let us know what you would like to Dakota Kai do when she comes back next week.  

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