The five best Asuka matches so far

There are a select few wrestlers that have an aura about them—something special that can’t be manufactured or scripted. Asuka is one of those performers. She has the look, the mannerisms, a distinct style, fighting spirit and most importantly she can wrestle.

Her run, from her debut at NXT TakeOver: Respect in 2015 to her victory as the first women’s Royal Rumble winner in 2018, will go down as one of the most dominant stretches in professional wrestling.

She held the NXT Women’s Championship for 523 days, making her the longest-reigning female champion in the modern era. Of course, she is also the only woman to remain undefeated while holding the title as she vacated it in August of 2017.

Photo credit: WWE

“The Empress of Tomorrow” is also the only woman to win back to back Female Competitor of the Year honors. In addition, she was the first to win both Overall and Female Competitor of the Year in 2017. When she moved up to the main roster, she became the first female superstar be a “Sole Survivor” and a Royal Rumble winner.

Her infamous undefeated streak last 914 days with around 271 consecutive wins—the longest in the company’s history. With so many amazing stats and accomplishments, it would be an understatement to say it’s been an eventful five years for the Japanese star.

She may not be undefeated anymore, but she still has an unmistakable allure. Asuka recently launched her own gaming channel on YouTube called KanaChan TV and formed a new tag team with Kairi Sane.

Today is Asuka’s birthday. Let’s celebrate the occasion by counting down five of her best WWE matches so far.

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