The five best Asuka matches so far

1. Ember Moon vs. Asuka – NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III

After Asuka cheated to win at NXT TakeOver: Orlando, Ember Moon seemed destined to end the streak. She seemingly had the champion’s number. So much so, Asuka injured her months later to avoid her. So, this was the moment of truth for “The War Goddess.”

“The Empress of Tomorrow” entered the arena full of grandeur, but Moon was all business. When the bell rang, she took over the match immediately with a single leg dropkick. She continued her attack, forcing Asuka out of the ring.

The Japanese star regrouped, but Moon responded with a stiff kick and cannonball senton from the middle rope. Asuka finally came firing back when she threw Ember into the ring steps. Then she landed a suplex on the ramp.

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Back in the ring, she targeted Moon’s shoulder, which kept her out of action earlier that year. She wasn’t taking her likely as she did in Orlando, using an assortment of holds to keep her at bay. Eventually, Ember rose out of a Fujiwara armbar and nailed the champion with a teardrop suplex.

This was a short comeback as Asuka viciously drilled her with a German suplex, causing the back of her head to come crashing down on the turnbuckle. Then, the two traded Asuka Locks until Moon forced a pin to escape.

Ember was favoring her arm, but she executed an awesome tornado suplex. This caused Asuka to become increasingly ruthless, but the challenger continued to raise her intensity. Finally, she connected with The Eclipse but Asuka surprisingly kicked out.

No one had survived after Ember finishing move up to that point and Asuka was tentative enough to avoid it at all cost in their last encounter.

Moon went for another but the champion tried to use the referee as she did in their first match. Instead, Ember attempted a diving crossbody. However, Asuka rolled her into a dirty pin but the official caught her.

Eventually, “The Empress of Tomorrow” forced her to tap out, but Ember Moon was her toughest challenge. This was another divisive finish but honestly, both women came out of this match looking like stars.

That’s our list. What do you think? Drop a comment below with your favorite Asuka match.

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