Exclusive: Charlie Morgan speaks on retirement and her positive influence

“Fearless” Charlie Morgan had graced the presence of the indie wrestling scene for eight years, before she was forced to retire, due to injury. During that time, Morgan stood as a beacon for those in the LGBTQ+ community, and as a positive influence for those who looked up to wrestlers.

Kristen Ashly from Bell To Belles had the honor of speaking with Charlie Morgan on her positive influence, her experiences in wrestling, and what her plans were, now that she was retired.

The staff of Bell To Belles were asked to recommend questions they wanted Charlie Morgan to answer. Writer Harmony Cox pointed out Morgan’s unique wrestling style, and wanted to know her wrestling influences. Morgan points to high-flyers as inspiration, which led to her nickname and gimmick, “Fearless”.

Morgan on her influences

Morgan’s unique style had other origins, as well. Being trained by Paige, Sweet Saraya, and Ricky Knight provided Morgan with a distinctive wrestling methodology, and a few pretty amazing stories, to boot.

Fearless Charlie spoke on how Paige labeled her as a natural, from the start.

Morgan on training with Paige

During her eight years in the independent UK circuit, Morgan made her home at the all-women’s wrestling promotion, Pro Wrestling: EVE. In just a little over two years with the promotion, Morgan made all of her large announcements during EVE shows, and speaks of the promotion and promoters as if they were home, and family.

Morgan was asked why she chose EVE as her home.

Morgan on EVE

In 2017, at EVE’s “Dangerous Women”, after only a few months at EVE, Morgan made the decision to come out publicly as gay. Though in her personal life it was already common knowledge, Morgan found that her decision to announce it was met with positive reactions that changed her entire view on her career as a public figure, and wrestler.

Morgan spoke on the moments leading up to the promo and after the announcement, and how she feels being a role model and inspiration.

Morgan on coming out as gay

June 30, during Wrestle Queendom II, Morgan had the heartbreaking task of announcing her retirement, after an ankle injury she sustained during a SHIMMER show made it impossible for her to wrestle safely. At just 27 years old, Morgan made the retirement in-ring at EVE’s biggest show of the year, saying, “Mom, you don’t have to worry any more.”

Credit: Pro Wrestling EVE

Morgan explained that she had planned her retirement announcement months in advance, and how hard it was for her to come to terms with the reality of having to retire. However, always “Fearless”, Morgan explained that she’s “not dead”, and now that she is mobile again, she can “never say never” on returning to her passion.

In the meantime, Morgan is focusing on a “normal” life with girlfriend Jetta, and her upcoming trip to Mexico.

Morgan spoke on the whole ordeal.

Morgan on retirement

Charlie Morgan will always remain an important figure in the evolution of British women’s wrestling, with her “Fearless” nature, positive influence, huge steps for equality, and her insistence on being authentic.

Bell To Belles hopes Charlie continues to recover with light speed, and that we are perhaps able to see her wrestle again, in the future, if her health allows it.

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