Lacey Evans

WWE put a stop to Madusa and Lacey Evans’ Twitter feud

Madusa recently participated in an interviewed with the WINCLY podcast. During which she revealed that WWE officials asked her and Lacey Evans to end the Twitter “feud” they had going on.

The exchange took place in June. The two women went back-and-forth with some pretty believable insults.

WWE has a lot of control over what the superstars post. This exchange between the Hall of Famer and Lacey Evans would never result in a match, so why bother continuing with it.

“WWE said you need to scale back and quit that,” There is a lot of control there with the talent and I’m sure they watch all of that stuff. But what’s more important is separating your personal life from your character.”

Although the days of protecting kayfabe are long gone, it was hard to believe this was anything but real. According to Madusa, she and Evans would DM each-other prior to posting the tweets for approval.

“Lacey and I were having fun in DMs on the back side. What’s really nice is you’re gonna get very respectful people talking on the DMs saying, ‘Hey are you good with this’ before you put it out. I’m sure there’s a lot of that on the other side with WWE because they would not let that happen.”

To listen to the interview in its entirety click here.

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