Bayley vs. Charlotte added to Hell in a Cell after poor build

Last night, WWE officially added Bayley vs. Charlotte to the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, which takes place tomorrow night in Sacramento, CA.

This rematch, following Clash of Champions, comes to no big surprise. Still, the fact that they didn’t announce until after Fox’s SmackDown premiere last night is alarming. As it stands, the pay-per-view only has four matches on the card and the build-up for the show took a back seat to SmackDown‘s debut on Fox.

The outcome for this title rematch is up in the air. On one-hand Charlotte has pinned Bayley on numerous occasions. Last night on SmackDown during the tag team match between Bayley and Sasha vs. Charlotte and Becky Lynch, she forced the champion to submit.

On the other hand, Bayley should retain the title and feud with some fresh faces who have yet to really get a chance at the title like Ember Moon or Sonya Deville.

The deciding factor ultimately comes down to who will be drafted to which brand. Becky Lynch and Charlotte have both appeared in promo material advertising SmackDown‘s move to Fox for weeks.

In theory, this would make you believe Banks and Bayley will be drafted to Raw. The chances of putting both belts on one brand is low and both titles are on the line at Hell in a Cell.

Since Sasha Banks has returned, she has put a much-needed spark back in the stalled post-Mania women’s division. She is likely the one who will defeat “The Man” Becky Lynch and take home the Raw Women’s title.

If that scenario comes to fruition, then Charlotte will capture the SmackDown Women’s Championship from Bayley, giving each brand a belt. This win for Charlotte will also be her tenth title reign, which gets her closer to breaking her father’s record as a16-time champion.

One thing that is certain in WWE is that the most reasonable outcome is not always what the creative team ends up booking.

What do you think of the built for this pay-per-view? Who will take home the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championships? Leave a comment below and let us know

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