SHIMMER to crown interim champion at their next event

Earlier today, SHIMMER Wrestling announced they will crown an interim Heart of SHIMMER Champion at their upcoming events in November.

This revelation is coming out of the news that the current champion, Samantha Heights’, surgery was delayed. This means she will be out longer than expected.

Heights sustained a knee injury during her tour of Japan this summer. The undisclosed ACL injury forced her to cut her trip short and return home. Later, she learned she would need to undergo surgery.

SHIMMER initially planned to let her hold on to the title until she recovered. Their company policy would allow her to continue to be recognized as the Heart of SHIMMER Champion in the meantime.

However, this delay will cause her to miss more tapings, forcing them to give someone else the title for now. It is unclear how they plan to determine the interim champion. This could possibly coincide with the number one contender’s matches they were already planning.

We continue to hope Samantha Heights has a safe and successful surgery, as well as a swift recovery.

SHIMMER 114 -117 will take place on Nov. 2 and 3 in Berwyn, IL.

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