3 Takeaways from the 2019 WWE Draft

The two-night WWE Draft is complete and both rosters are stacked with some very talented women. Some undrafted superstars have yet to find their new home and WWE hasn’t announced their rumor “blockbuster trade”, so the rosters are not quite final.

As the roster stands now, here are 3 takeaway from the draft.

Liv Morgan
Photo Credit: Liv Morgan

1. Liv Morgan is ready to make her repackaged return to Raw.

The last time Liv Morgan appeared on WWE television when she lost a match against Charlotte Flair in July. Since that loss, she promised to show us the “real” Liv Morgan. Recently, she has posted cryptic tweets teasing a darker side.

Morgan removed her profile photo, which remains all black. Back in September, she posted a video of her cutting her signature pink locks.

Now that USA officially drafted her as a potentially repackaged character, her return could be impactful. Liv, one of the youngest members of the WWE roster, has years in the ring ahead of her. When WWE spends the time and energy on a gimmick change it often means a big push for said talent.

It’s time for the former pink-haired, blue-tongued Riott Squad member to wreak havoc on the Raw roster. Perhaps her first target will be the one who beat her last, Charlotte Flair.

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