WWE Draft

3 Takeaways from the 2019 WWE Draft

Becky Lynch
Photo Credit: WWE

2. Becky Lynch may hold onto the belt for a lot longer

Raw drafted Becky Lynch as the number one pick overall, where she may have earned herself a very long title reign. Many believed “The Boss” Sasha Banks was the one to dethrone “The Man,” but she is out of the picture now.

Banks is going to SmackDown, which leads us to believe Lynch may hold the Raw Women’s Championship well into next year.

Lynch is arguably the most popular superstars in all of the WWE, including the men. Taking the title off of her now may not be what is best for business until the right person comes along that deserves the victory.

Raw selected both Lynch and Charlotte Flair. In the eyes of the company, they are the top women. Charlotte has a record ten reigns etched on her belt but giving her another if she beats Lynch wouldn’t make sense. It would only hurt both women.

The smart thing for creative to do at this point is to have Lynch work with the likes of Liv Morgan, Nikki Cross, or perhaps Mandy Rose or Sonya Deville depending on their eventual destination. Looking into the future, the woman on the roster, who is the most deserving of the victory, is Asuka.

After her recent heel turn, “The Empress of Tomorrow” should be the one to conquer, “The Man.”

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